20 hours ago

    Flow Chart of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

      ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant): ETP is a waste water treatment method,remove hazardous chemicals from water,…
    5 days ago

    Job Responsibility and Qualities of an Assistant Merchandiser

    Introduction: Assistant merchandiser is very important for manufacturing organizations or baying agency. Assistant merchandiser provides…
    6 days ago

    Operation bulletin, SMV and Layout of Jacket Sewing process

    Jacket sewing process: A jacket is an apparel item basically wearable in winter. But in…
    6 days ago

    AQL chart for Garments Quality Inspection

    AQL Audit: AQL is Acceptable Quality Limit or Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), a sampling of…
    2 weeks ago

    Quality control flow chart of Garments Manufacturing

      Quality control of Garments Manufacturing: Export Garments Quality control is not a easy task…
    2 weeks ago

    Different Types of Thread Packages

      Sewing threads are put up on different types of thread packages called reel, cops…
    2 weeks ago

    Difference Between Textile and Fabric

      Introduction: From the early times, people have used fabrics of various types for covering,…
    2 weeks ago

    Layout system in Garments Sewing Line with Advantages and Disadvantages

    Introduction: The layout is the first thing to do if you want to start a…