Difference between Fashion and Style

Difference between Fashion and Style

Difference between Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style are two usual terms which are now highly used by the young generation, though they are totally embarrassed about it, they cannot split between fashion and style. Just not this young generation, there are so many who still don’t know the distinction between fashion and style. “Fashion is about dressing following to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being thyself” said by Oscar de la Renta.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a very multipurpose matter and trendy right now, which is being featured in magazines, on TV, and on the fashion runways. In another view, Fashion is also the in mint condition creations made by designers, which are fetched by only a few numbers of people. Fashion can be anything such as clothes, shoes, make-up and fittings, etc which is being formed popular by fashion houses, models, actors, and actresses.

What is Style?

Style is something that is identical to everyone. Style is the person’s personal choice in clothes, dress, and others. Style is not totally subject to clothing; it can be involved in anything that makes the person look stylish. In another view, style is the spread of fashion which does not shift like fashion.

Difference between Fashion and Style:
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01 It is versatile. It is unique.
02 It is the newest creations made by designers. It is the person’s newest creations by applying his/ her own choice.
03 Fashion must be accepted by the society or group of people. Style can be accepted by a specific group of people.
04 It is being made popular by fashion houses, models, actors, and actresses, etc. The person is enough for increasing the popularity of a style.
05 It is changeable. It is constant.
06 It is perfect where no limitation. It’s not perfect, containing some limitations.
07 It is the relationship to the external. It is the relationship to the internal.
08 It has a strong attraction. It has no attraction as fashion.
09 It is countless. It is limited.
10 Fashion takes our attention away from ourselves. Style brings our attention directly to ourselves.
11 It is temporary. It is unique.


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