Flow Chart of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Garments washing factory


ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant):

ETP is a waste water treatment method,remove hazardous chemicals from water, use in Textile dyeing mill and Garments washing factory. Hazardous chemicals use in fabrics dyeing and washing process, so its  necessary to discharge water through ETP process to save plant,animal overall environmental safety. Having ETP is mandatory in dyeing and washing factory.

ETP process Flow Chart of Garments washing factory

Raw waste water

Sand extractor unit

Auto screen chamber

Equalization Tank

Flash Mixer

Inoculation Tank

Primary Clarified-1↔ Primary Clarified-2

Aeration Tank-1

Aeration Tank-2

Secondary Clarified

Post Aeration Tank


For Sludge disposal process, Water from Primary Clarified-1 and 2


Primary Clarified-1↔Primary Clarified-2


Sludge DE water system

Sludge disposal

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