Garments Washing Defects

Garments Washing Defects

Garments Washing Defects

Garments washing is the process to improve hand feel, look and better outlook of garments. That’s why washing plays a necessary role in garments manufacturing. Because of different washing defect, rejection of garments increases. We need to reduce the rate of washing defects/faults at a least level. Rejection rise the cost of overall manufacturing. For this reason, reducing washing faults is the major disquiet for all apparel manufacturing industry. One major KPI points are to reduce washing rejection in the garments industry. I made of a list of all types of garments washing defects so that you may have a better idea of garments defects.

List of Garments Washing Defects:

  • Garments Discoloration
  • Poor Hand Sanding
  • Care Label Fading/Damage
  • Off Shade
  • Shade Variation
  • Over Washing
  • Washing Damage
  • Washing Spot
  • High pH Level
  • Poor Grinding
  • Lycra Out
  • Poor Sand Blasting
  • High Abrasion Effect
  • Color Bleeding at Pocket Bag and Label
  • Washing Mark
  • Poor Hand Feel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Washing Defects Description :
  • Garments Discoloration:If garments or any parts of clothing discolored in washing it’s called discoloration. It is one of the common defect problems.Poor Hand Sanding:
    Because of improper hand sanding, more or less hand sanding than the real requirement.

    Hand Sanding:

    Care Label Fading or Damage
    Care label is an important part of garments. Sometimes label fades or damage in washing.

    Off shade:
    All clothes have an original buyer required shade/color standard. If washing fails to meet shade value then it is considered as off shade defect.

    Shade Variation:
    Various types of shade in a lot, when fabrication and washing are the very same for a whole lot.

    Over Washing:
    There a certain limit of garments washing time and dimension. Crossing washing limit is deliberated as over washing and defects have arisen for this is known washing defects of over washing.

    Washing Damage:
    Garments damage in washing is called washing damage.

    Washing Spot:
    Creating a spot in washing is called washing spot defect.

    High pH Level:
    pH level crossed the balance of higher pH limit. pH level is the most momentous factor in garments washing. For higher level, pH quality of garments may reduce.

    Poor Grinding:
    Because of improper harassing , more or less grinding than the requirement.

    Lycra Out:
    Damage Lycra or Lycra future out in the washing of spandex fabric.

    Poor Sand Blasting:
    Improper sandblasting, more or less sandblasting than the requirement.

    High Abrasion Effect:
    Much abrasion effect than the requirement.

    Color Bleeding at Pocket Bag and Label:
    Generally, various fabric uses for a pocket bag and labels in any garments. Due to garments body, fabric and pocket bag fabric is different, color bleeding occurred hourly in pocket bag and label.

    Washing Mark:
    Garments marked in various washing stages, by the different washing machine, dryer. Long spot mark created in any process of washing is called washing mark defects.

    Washing Mark Poor hand Feel:
    If you find Rough hand feels after washing of garments then that considered as a poor hand feel defects of garments washing.


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