Job Responsibility and Qualities of an Assistant Merchandiser

Assistant Merchandiser


Assistant merchandiser is very important for manufacturing organizations or baying agency. Assistant merchandiser provides administrative support to merchandise managers at companies that sell make and allot products. Assistant merchandisers also support merchandise managers and customer as they find, develop and ship products. In this regards as an assistant merchandisers need have some experience and qualities and skills. By the help of my job experience, now I would like to discuss about the job responsibility and qualities and skills of an Asst. merchandiser.

Job Responsibility and Qualities of an Assistant Merchandiser:

Responsibilities and qualities of an Asst. merchandiser details as follows-

  1. Fluent in Written and spoken English.
  2. Properly follow-up merchandiser command & Guidelines skills.
  3. Try to advanced planning and analytic skills, including computer skills.
  4. Follow-up buyer order requirements carefully.
  5. In from to merchandiser manager if found any kinds of new or existing investigation from buying agent/ or buyer.
  6. Strong customer awareness and understanding.
  7. Time keeping & ability to meet dour deadlines.
  8. Follow-up PP sample/Development sample /shipment sample carefully.
  9. Every day check Email properly.
  10. Development relationship with senior person skills.
  11. Every day share with merchandiser manager essential customer requirements if doubt able.
  12. Follow-up production line report every day.
  13. Good judgment and decision making skills.
  14. Discreet, professional and well spoken, with excellent communication skills.
  15. Update and collect total company seasonal buyer order or requirements and review with merchandiser manager/ merchandising director.


All above discussion, it is easily said that, Asst. merchandiser is one of the most important people in the merchandising department in an garments industry. Without perfect assistant this department never be completed. Finally, as an asst. merchandiser works with hard and using administrative and computer skills, they may proof reports for accuracy and address worry of disgruntled customers. So on the job training is necessary in this position.

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