Knit Garments Production Planning and Control

Knit Garments Production Planning and Control

Knit Garments Production Planning and Control


Garments are not a business of ‘One Man Show’ rather it is a Team-Work were a lot of people, agents, organizations, industries, and manufacturers involved, more overall works have to be completed within a given time structure to ship out the garments on time. The buyer will not accept the garments of winter in summer and vise Versa as such if the garments can not be shipped out on time then the order may be canceled or may have to send by air or the Buyer may ask for a discount. To avoid all such a repugnant situation we need to do proper planning to fulfill any order.

Whenever an order is confirmed immediately we need to make a ‘Time and Action Calendar’ (T&A) for all important actions and events so that those can be done on time at the same time we also need to make a ‘Gantt Chart’ as what action/work may be given how much time and when it has to start and end to ship the garments on time. We need to know how to ready a ‘Time and Action Calendar’ along with ‘Gantt Chart’ to fulfill any order. People have got a wrong conception on planning they usually think it is only the sewing that needs planning, in fact, that is wrong; to ensure any shipment on time we need to plan for all the events and stages of work that an order has to suffer in various levels like procurement planning of twist, Dyes, Chemicals, Knitting Plan, Dyeing Plan, Cutting Plan, Planning of Prin, Embroidery, Washing, and completion.

As such know the technics of preparation of ‘T & A’, preparation of ‘Gantt Chart’ covering all serious works and events and finally total Production Planning is necessary to learn by all key personnel who are going the business.


Interactive discussion, Handouts, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

  • Welcome note and Introduction.
  •  Analysis of Order Sheet to find out the conclusion for planning.
  •  Factors affecting Production Planning.
  •  What is the Time and Action Calendar and how to prepare a Time & Action Calendar?
  •  What is the Gant Chart and how to Prepare a Gantt Chart?
  •  How to Plan procurement of yarn.
  •  How to Plan the procurement of Dyes & Chemicals.
  •  How to Plan for bending of all lab dips, strike off and yarn-dip.
  •  How to Plan Procurement of Accessories.
  •  How to Plan Knitting of Fabrics and Flat Knit Collar and Cuffs.
  •  How to Plan Sub-Contract Knitting (if needed).
  •  How to Plan Batching of Fabrics.
  •  How to Plan Dying of Fabric.
  •  How to Plan the distribution of Fabric to Garments Factory.
  •  How to Plan for Cutting.
  •  How to Plan Printing.
  •  How to Plan Embroidery.
  •  How to Plan for all Samples.
  •  How to Plan for all Lab-Tests.
  •  How to Plan for Sewing Machines.
  •  How to do Production Planning for Sewing.
  •  How to do Planning of Washing.
  •  How to Plan for Value Addition Works.
  •  How to Plan for yarn Trimming and Garments Checking.
  •  How to plan for Ironing, Folding, and Poly.
  •  How to plan for Inspection and Shipment.
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