Procedure and working Flow chart in Apparel Industry

 Procedure and working Flow chart in Apparel Industry

 Procedure and working Flow chart in Apparel Industry


CAD, Computer aided design, garments pattern made in computer using different CAD software. CAD is the 1st step of Garments manufacturing, garments measurement, shape and pattern can be controlled easily. Here I a am giving CAD room working  procedure from from starting pattern making to bulk marker printing flow chart wise, your concept will be clear about CAD work what they have to do in Garments industry.

CAD/Pattern Room SOP, Procedure and working Flow chart in Apparel Industry


Initial Tech-pack/ PDM receive From Merch Dept

Create a New Pattern

Calculate Fabrics Consumption by Electric mini marker in Yardage Yield (YY)

Send Consumption to Buyer

Consumption Approval

Order Confirmation

Receive E-Pattern, block and Fit Sample from buyer

Pattern Grading

Submit Pattern to buyer

                                     Approve→ Reject→ Remake

Marker Making for Sample

Shrinkage and Sewing loss adjustment

Sample making for bulk production

Approve sample from Buying House

Marker making for size set

Marker printing

Cut size set

PP Meeting

Pattern correction

Marker printing by plotter

Send Marker to cutting

Marker Lay

Bulk cutting

# The whole process flow chart for new order development, when you do rebury order for same style you may not need to do consumption and marker making again.

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