Production Officer Role in Textile and Apparel Industry

Production Officer Role in Textile and Apparel Industry

Production Officer Role in Textile and Apparel Industry


Duties and Responsibilities of the Textile and Apparel Production Officer:

Production officer has great importance in the textile and clothing manufacturing factory because he directly conducts warfare of the production line. He is the person who plans, directs & controls the production in a line of sewing floor. So, he must know the gamut of tasks he must perform. A job checklist should be provided by the production officers.

What is the Work of Apparel Production Officer?
A textile and apparel production officer has to maintain the below duties and responsibilities in the textile and apparel industry:

1. Early Attendance:
He will attend to workplace 10-15minutes earlier to have all workers in their respective seats. He will ensure the cleaning of the machine by the workers. He will report the worker attendance personnel department.

2. Distribution of Workers and Allotment of Tasks:
He takes account of absence workers & properly rearranges workers & their job so that production does not suffer and line balance is ensured.

3. Work of Monitoring:
From time to time he will take account of input quantity, output quantity, hourly production & whether production target is achieved or not. In case of any problem, he will take corrective action & will communicate to superior.

4. Implementing Production Plans:
He will keep with him production & shipment plan & will ensure that production is continuing commensurate to envisaged plan. In case of problem, he will take corrective actions & will communicate to his superior.

5. Leadership:
One of the most important services that a production officer extends to a line is leadership. He remains in charge of production & controls a big contingent of workers. So, he must possess exceptional qualities of leadership in his ability, dedication to work, human values, attachment to the interests of workers so that he can win loyalty, respect & confidence of the workers. Leadership quality immensely influences productivity & discipline on a production floor.

6. Motivation:
He will motivate workers on the following:

  • Discipline,
  • Timely & regular attendance,
  • Cleanliness of machine & workplace,
  • Achieving high efficiency,
  • Taking precaution for their personal safety,
  • On maintaining personal hygienic etc.

7. Multi Skilling Workers:
He will train, educate & multi-skill operators to achieve high productivity & quality.

8. Safety, Hygienic and Cleanliness:
He will ensure the cleanliness of machine & workplace, worker hygiene & safety of workers. He will ensure that workers wear masks, scarf & uniform.

9. Ensuring Product Quality:
It is the task of the production line to deliver goods of specified quality at specified productivity. Production officer must ensure that products are produced with the right quality. Defects should be identified at needlepoint so that no defectives are produced. Quality inspectors locate defects but the quality is produced by the workers for which production officer is responsible. He must consult with quality people regarding the defects & rejects and must take recourse to preventive measures.

10. Capacity Check of Workers:
Some workers cannot cope up with others so it is a frequent phenomenon that imbalance in the production line takes place. He will request the work-study officer to conduct a capacity check of the concerned workers to determine actual production capacity & rating of the relevant worker. Thus he can resort to corrective action.

11. Checking Machinery:
He will ensure that all the machines are in working condition & without any trouble. He checks if the needle is in the right condition & of the right type. He ensures that the defective machinery identified the previous day has been rectified, that sewing thread tension is ok, that machines are equipped with protective devices like pulley cover, eye guard, needle guard, etc.

12. Work Sheet, Approved Sample, Swatch Card:
In order to produce goods of specified quality, he must keep & preserve worksheet, approved sample & swatch card so that products can be manufactured as per specifications & as given in the sample and as per swatch card. It is a general guideline that production should not commence until & unless they are available in hand.

13. Production of Pre-Production Samples:
He will produce pre-production samples & check them properly to ensure that the samples exactly match the approved sample. If there is any mismatch, the samples should be rectified. A pre-production meeting is held about this pre-production sample.

14. Concern About the Next Day’s Attendance:
Productivity is immensely affected by worker absenteeism. So, the production officer must assess the next day’s possible absenteeism. He will check how many workers are sick in his line & will arrange for alternative operators. He should make sure that most of the workers under him attend regularly.

15. Workers Welfare:
Production officer has the responsibility in delivering welfare services for the workers. He is the leader 7 guide of workers. He tries to lend a helping hand to the workers. He may advise the workers not only in matters of the workplace but also on his personal or family matters, console him in times of problem & grief. All these will bring in workers respect, loyalty & confidence in favor of the production officer.

16. Time Keeping:
He will record the names of the workers who come late & will ensure that they return to the workplace right after launch break & evening tea break.

17. Plan for Next Day:
He will identify today’s problems and bottlenecks and record them. He will guess probable problems & bottlenecks of the next day & will take necessary precaution against such problems.

18. Checking Productivity And Quality:
He will check the productivity & quality of products this day and will take measures so that higher quality & productivity may be achieved the next day.

19. Lessening Worker Fatigue:
Workers cannot work continuously throughout the whole day. Production officer should allow him to go to the lavatory to attend to the call of nature, to wash hands & face, etc. so that fatigue can be reduced and he can be re-energized. Production officers should not consider this as wastage of time.

20. Keeping Skill Inventory:
Production officer must have a skill inventory, where all the data about the workers are recorded so that he can allot the right job to the right operator, can recommend for increment, promotion for the workers.

21. Ensuring Continuous Inputs:
Continuous supply of inputs to the production line is a major condition for un-interrupted production, higher productivity, etc. Production officer must ensure that the line has a supply of all the materials for the current & the next work order. He must note that the problem of material supply may seriously disrupt his production.

22. The effort for Continuous Improvements:
Production officer must take the best of his efforts to resort to better methods & processes to continuously improve quality, productivity, etc. He must look for better attachment, folders, etc. so that the method of production is made easy. He must train the workers on how to handle the job and how to resort to a better method of work.

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