Requirements on metal detector and its use

Requirements on metal detector and its use


To ensure the safety of customers have requires all suppliers to possess a metal detector and to inspect all merchandise before the packing section. The aim of this operation is to eliminate the risk for a child to be hurt by any metal object (broken needles, wire-cutters, etc.) by wearing a garment. The above procedure requires the supplier to use only non-ferrous accessories (zips, snaps,etc.) sourced exclusively from suppliers. The list of homologated suppliers is indicated among the provided documents (zips and snaps nominated suppliers). The factory must follow a strict policy on the replacement of broken needles, by keeping a register, meticulously filled in and including all parts of the needle. No new needles can be given in replacement without the full reconstitution of the broken needle. If a piece is missing, the item currently being assembled must be passed through a metal detector, and the work station swept with a magnet. So, then the garments without plastic bag cover have to be tested separately (piece after piece) before packing into assorted lots. To avoid spoiling the garments, the conveyor carpet must be cleaned against dust and other stains.

  1. Metal detection                                                                                                                                                       -the metal machine is placed in the free metal zone and closed                                                                           -Metal detection should be made for every order on all pieces.                                                                             -Make the checking after packing for a product in a polybag and before packing for the standard garment         -Checking should be registered onto register books                                                                                             -Metal detection registers copy to be sent to the inspection office (together with order) or show to inspection.     If an item triggers the alarm and the needle cannot be found, this item of clothing must be destroyed at once

2. Machine calibration                                                                                                                                                      -A factory should check the machine at least 3 times per day                                                                                    -The machine should use 3 points systems at least (left, middle, right). 9 points are recommended.                        -Please use φ1.2mm test box or piece

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