Sampling process in the apparel industry

Sampling process in the apparel industry

Sampling process in the apparel industry


Sampling is very significant in the apparel industry because the buyers generally place orders after reviewing the quality of the samples. Buyers also want different types of samples after setting orders. Apparel merchandisers should have to be well known with different stages of garment sampling to transact an order. Sometimes the same samples are known in different names. Let us see what example of samples the merchandisers have to transmit to buyers.

Porto sample, prototype sample, development sample, design sample:

The first physical version of sample garment in the product development stage prepared as per the artwork. This sample is compiled to see the diagram mainly. Garment components and color are not considered for this sample.

Fit Sample:

Fit is prepared following actual measurement. This sample is made to test the fitting. The live model is used to verify garment fitting.

Counter sample, style reference sample:

The sample that is prepared following another sample received from the buyer. This sample is created to see the structure and to justify the factory skill. Garments material and color are not deliberated for this sample.

Mock up sample:

Part of the garment (sleeve, collar, front/back panel, etc.), not the complete garment. It is made as per the buyer’s requirement to serve a particular purpose.

Salesmen samples, promotional sample, Photo shoot samples:

The samples are prepared with actual color and yarn/fabric to be worn by the models in the event of a photo shoots for catalog. The buyer makes comments on fitting requirements and problems in the measurements with the photo attachments. The buyer also accepted the meeting with his customer for their recompose. Color-wise order amount, size, etc. are confirmed to place an order. Actual material and color are obligations for this sample.

Approval sample:

Sometimes it is required to make approval samples when the first technical spec is revised. It is made to ensure that the buyer’s requirement is conformed and to avoid any confusion/dispute at the time of final production.

Size set samples:

Size set samples are made to ensure the measurement of each size. Usually, size set samples are made covering all color combos.

Pre-production (PP) samples:

The factory makes pre-production (PP) samples with the actual material when bulk fabric and accessories are in the house for production. The samples are prepared to ensure the buyer that the bulk materials are in the house for production.

Production samples:

The factory sends production samples to ensure the buyer that the bulk production is going on produced as per the buyer’s requirement following technical specifications and approved sample. The buyer wants to be assured that the correct material is sourced and line workmanship conformed with the quality level.

Online samples:

Online samples are the samples that are caught when the first production is online. Some buyers ask for a TOP sample to cross-check if the factory is following the Pre-Production sample.

Shipment sample, ship sample, fulfillment sample:

The samples that reflect the final shipment are shipment samples. The samples confirm that goods have been shipped as per the samples.

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