List of sections and departments of Textile and Apparel industry

Apparel industry

Textile and Apparel industry

List of Departments/ sections of a Garments factory:

Garments manufacturing is a complex process, export products to an overseas country and a long working chain from raw materials to finished goods. There are many departments engaged in the source material, marketing, produce a product, and exporting process.

  1. Cad/pattern department
  2. Trim, Fabric warehouse (Store Department)
  3. Cutting section
  4. Sample section
  5. Sewing floor
  6. Industrial Engineering (IE) and planning
  7. Embellishment
  8. Knitting & linking
  9. Dry process
  10. Laundry/Washing
  11. Finishing & pressing
  12. HR-Administration and compliance
  13. Merchandising
  14. In house testing laboratory
  15. Finished goods warehouse
  16. FQA (final quality audit) room/GPQ
  17. QA/QC Department
  18. Maintenance
  19. Commercial
  20. Accounts
  21. Security


Departments of Denim manufacturing Textile Mill:

A denim mill runs from yarn dyeing to weaving then Fabrics process, so it is long manufacturing flow system in a denim mill.

  1. R&D Department
  2. Production Planning Department
  3. Ball Warping Department
  4. Dyeing Department
  5. LCB (Long Chain Beamer) Department
  6. Sizing Department
  7. Weaving Department
  8. Finishing & Mercerization Department
  9. Fabric Inspection Department
  10. Packaging & Storage Department
  11. Power Generation Department
  12. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  13. Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  14. Boiler Department
  15. Quality Control Department
  16. Store & Inventory Department
  17. Maintenance Department

Departments of a Garments washing factory:

Comparatively lower investment need to set up a washing than Textile and apparel.

  1. HR and compliance department
  2. R&D Department
  3. ETP and WTP department
  4. Dry process department
  5. Wet processing department
  6. Store and chemical department
  7. Quality control department
  8. Maintenance Department
  9. Boiler and generator section
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