The objects of Garment Washing

The objects of Garment Washing

 The objects of Garment Washing


Normally garments washing means cleanup of dirty garments with soap or detergent. But it is not manufactured garments wash. Industrial garments washing is a technology that is used to modify the appearance. The compatibility and design of ready-for-service garments made from solid color dyed or aniline fabric are called garments washing.

Depending on garments making different types of washing process can be done. Twill/Canvas/Knitted/Corduroy – inartificial wash, paint wash, Caustic, Si wash Denim/Jeans/Gabardine – Enzyme wash, Stonewash, Bleach wash, Acid wash Grey fabric- Super whitewash.

The objects of Garment Washing is given below:

The same type of garments can produce different effects for several washes.

  • To make a wash look appearance seems the new touch of fashion.
  • By the washing technics, faded/old, color or tinted affect.
  • To alleviate size materials that imports soft hand feels.
  • To attraction the buyer by various types of fashionable washing and market development.
  • Due to washing, compression occurs in the garments. There is no chance of further shrinkage of the wash garments.
  • Any dirt, spot or germ if added in the garments during manufactured is also removed due to washing.
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